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Sex addiction among people engaged in adult dating

Psychologists define sex addiction as a “progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and actions.” Is it possible that people who engage in adult dating and swinging are addicted to sex? Sure, in some cases, the answer may be yes.

There is clear evidence of behavior that would meet the psychologist’s criteria among those who regularly go to swinger’s club parties or constantly sign up with one adult dating site. Anyone who has spent time in the company of some of these people will likely recognize the behavior described below.

Conversations with one track

No matter how hard you try to have mundane conversations with adult dating sex addicts, they will always return it to a topic related to adult dating. For example, if you try to talk about a fun weekend spent in a certain place, they will ask you if you found a swinger party to attend there. If you speak to them about a vacation abroad, they are likely to comment on the country’s stance on sexual liberation. If the snow prevents people from getting to work, they’ll tell you how it messed up a date or party they planned. If a summer heatwave is predicted, their spin will undoubtedly refer to outdoor sex or scantily clad women.

Getting points

You don’t need to meet these people in person to experience how they talk. Try logging into a chat room of an adult dating site; you’ll see plenty of examples soon. The sex addicts will try to dominate the process with a lot of boasting and scoring about their knowledge of the adult scene, how many clubs they’ve been members of, how many club owners know them personally, and irrefutable opinions about where to find the best . . .

The meaning of life

They give the impression that the only life is their sex life. Pretty much everything they do revolves around their adult dating plans. If they have to attend a family gathering, rest assured that they will be concerned about how it will clash with a meeting or party they were hoping for. When planning their vacation, they will likely research whether they consider the resort swinging clubs. Some will even limit their vacation choices to designated adult resorts, such as Cap d’Agde in France or the Desire resort in Mexico.

Owning a special gift

There is a widespread belief among adult dating sex addicts that they have somehow earned a good sex life thanks to superior sexual techniques they have acquired, whether by excelling at flirting or simply because they are considered irresistibly attractive to others.

Rejecting the dangers

It is not uncommon for sex addicts to have an obsessive desire for unprotected sex, supported by a state of total denial of the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. About HIV, the rationale you will most often hear from such people is that infection is only a threat to heterosexuals in Sub-Saharan Africa.

While anyone engaged in adult dating has likely come across people who exhibit many of the signs of sex addition described above, it should not be concluded that all adult dating is simply a manifestation of sex addition. Inevitably, within the numbers of singles and couples enjoying the swinging lifestyle, there will be a much higher proportion of sex addicts than in the population as a whole. However, that still leaves many people enjoying the adult scene who don’t need compulsion towards it. These people join adult dating clubs because they want to enjoy recreational sex with like-minded individuals while experiencing liberation from the conventions of mainstream society.

It is hoped that Wendy Peters’ articles will be of serious interest and help to couples and singles interested in adult dating or learning more about the swinger lifestyle. Our swingers club always offers this invaluable help and support to visitors and members. Members also receive invitations to swingers’ parties in addition to online and offline adult dating services.

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